How to Create a Social Media Strategy

Yoohoo! It’s the first #freetipfriday. Each Friday, I’ll be answering questions submitted by readers. Whatever it is you want to know, ask away, and check back each Friday to see if your question’s been answered. I’m so excited to kick off this new feature with a question from Elise Luskin Photography. Elise takes lovely photos and if you are ever looking for a photographer based out of Massachusetts, you should check her work out! Elise wants to know:

“What is the best way to go about creating social media strategy and how do I maximize the results/responses of clients/customers that visit my social media pages?”

That’s a big, huge, two-parter question, and I cannot wait to get started on it. Let’s dig in.

First of all, creating your social media strategy is something you should do before you launch your page. Plan, launch, review, adjust, and connect! The best place to start is with your big goals. What is it, ultimately, that you want to do? Book lots of clients, publish a photo journal, get seen in galleries? Think about your big picture goals. These can be absolutely lofty. And then medium picture goals: what is attainable for you in the immediate future? Your marketing plan should support your immediate and long-term goals together.

Really sit down and make a list of things that matter to you. Then, create content around those things. If you want to connect with your audience, think hard about who your audience is. Then create content that matters to them, in a way that they will want to consume it. I’d encourage you to check out competitors, see what people tend to react to and engage with on their sites, and think about adopting and enhancing some of those techniques for yourself. You also want to make sure you’re posting genuinely – people can see through the BS. Believe what you are saying, be genuine, and love the things you share. Don’t ever throw something up “just to have” – make sure you are delivering the things people care about!

Which brings me to this: if you want your clients and customers to engage, you need to create content that is worth their time. Create things that will show up in their news feeds, on their pinterest homepage, on their timelines, and catch their eye amidst all the junk. Specifically with photography, you’re going to need to have that visual pull. It’s a great position to be in, actually, since the more clients you take on and the more photos you shoot, the more content you will have to share! See what people like, what they respond to. And don’t be afraid to ask what they want to see! An audience will appreciate you trying to deliver things that they are interested in. Lots of times if you are looking for people to take a certain action (i.e., retweet or like something) and you ask them to do it, they will! Just don’t ask too much too often – if it’s always about promoting you and your business, it becomes less enticing to participate.

To recap: Create a marketing strategy that will support your goals. Share great visual content, be genuine in what you post and share, and see what the audience responds to and adjust accordingly.

After sitting down and hashing out this post, I am extra glad I decided to start Free Tip Fridays! I love that it gives me a chance to connect with other small business owners, share some knowledge, and provide content that is useful to my readers. If you have a question that you’d like answered, drop me a line in the comments. Don’t forget to check out Elise’s photography. I’m including some of her photos here for your viewing pleasure :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hmm. I’m wishing I was a visual artist! I’ve noticed the biggest response I get to my author blogs are ones accompanied by photos. Especially photos of my parents. Now that they’re gone, I guess I’ll have to do nostalgia pieces to spark interest. . .(Mom and Dad would approve!)

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