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How to Drive Traffic and Get Likes

Woohoo! Another #freetipfriday for you all, and today I’m answering a question for the ever-fabulous Tor Campbell. Tor teaches dance classes all over Los Angeles, and sent us the following question on Facebook:

“What’s the best way to get traffic/likes to your page?”

A question we all want answered! While your page is still in its infancy, it can be a bummer to see that your likes go up and up as your friends and peers like your page, and then slowly start to plateau. You might get to a point where you don’t see the likes going up, you don’t see engagement going up, and it can be extremely disheartening to see your engagement down a certain percentage from last week. It’s okay. It happens! What’s important is knowing how to move on from there and get more fans! And when you have fans, you need to keep them coming back for more.

First of all, and this may seem like a “duh” – tell people about your page. Let your Facebook friends know by inviting them to like your page. Tell your clients outside of Facebook about the page. Add a link to your website, to your email signature, and on your business cards. People can’t like your page if they don’t know it exists! So, moving on…

One of the main reasons people will “like” a page is because they get some sort of offer that is available exclusively to fans. Offer a discount code, special sales, or other incentives to your fans. Once you reach 100 fans, you can participate in Facebook Offers and create deals for your fans to claim. You can share images or codes for your fans to use on your website. Be creative and come up with offers that are valuable to your fans. Nobody wants to do something for nothing, so make sure you provide a good value for their “likes!”

Another option is to do a giveaway or a contest on your page. Facebook’s rules changed in recent history – previously you needed a third-party app to run a contest or giveaway on your page. Now, you can do one based on any number of factors. You can do a “flock to unlock” promotion, in which your audience needs to share something a certain amount of times in order to unlock a reward. So, for instance, you could create a graphic that can serve as an ad for your product or service, and if it is shared 100 times, you will give a discount on that service. Gauge this based on your audience – if you don’t have many fans, don’t set the bar too high.

You should also consider running Facebook ads. This will allow your posts to reach an audience they wouldn’t otherwise. You can run them in several ways, starting as low as $5. I recommend doing some A/B testing – that is, running an ad for a certain amount, let’s say $5. The next week, you run the same ad, at the same times, for the same amount – just changing one thing, for example, the image that goes along with the ad. Which one performed better? Run that again, and next time, change some other element, like the text. See what works best and keep the best elements. Also check out how this affects your follower count. Decide if it is worth it to keep spending on ads – do the benefits outweigh the cost? All things to think about!

Now, how to get traffic… post, post, post! Be consistent. Create amazing content. Keep it interesting with photos and engage your fans! You worked so hard to get them – don’t leave them hanging on your page all by themselves. Answer their questions. Ask them questions! Be prompt, kind and true to your brand. When you create content that is valuable to your fans, the fans will follow and continue to engage with you on social media.

These tips will help you begin to build your audience, and engage them when they get there. And, for an amazing example of community, I encourage you to check out Tor’s page! I’ve been taking a Broadway dance class with Tor at Your Neighborhood Studio since Day 1… it’s a fantastic class based here in LA, and there’s nothing else like it in the city! He teaches several other classes all over Los Angeles, so if you want to get in a great sweat among a truly accepting community, you’ve got to connect with Tor. One thing he’s great at on social is the weekly contest – he gives away a free class every week to one fan who can guess what the theme of his Broadway class is – so there’s a reason to like his page in itself!

3 thoughts on “How to Drive Traffic and Get Likes

  1. Hello Dog Breath…didn’t realize it would turn out so long, sorry.

    Feedback on your article:

    Really, what do these “likes” really get you? I started my own Pilates instruction business a couple of months ago and I have delved into the social media completely. Honestly, most of the likes are fake. Since I have been networking I have a worked with three individuals that say they are “social media marketing experts” that constantly ask me to “like” someones page. Okay, to be nice I click like. I don’t go to their site, and I have no interest in their business or service. Finally I told one marketing guy that keeps requesting “likes” of me for his clients to make sure his client likes my page as well. Facebook is so funny how they have all of these little milestones on the business page…”just 10 more likes and you are at the next level.” Since you are using the canine verbiage, I will too. The “like” thing is a whole “Wag the Dog” game, and people are foolishly spending way too much time and energy on something that is not helping their marketing strategy. So funny, I actually had one of these marketing experts (who is an expert on facebook and knows nothing about google+) tell me that Google owns Facebook and that is why I should focus on getting all the “likes”; the more likes I have then google will give me a higher placement on the search. That is just one of the many misnomers I have run into dealing with these Social Media Marketing experts. Eh…

    Now, paying for facebook advertising is different. If your ads are sent out to people who normally would never have heard of you otherwise, they go to your page and they click like; that is legitimate.

    I do like some of your creative ideas. The flock to unlock sounds great, people engage, and you never know which one of their friends is a good prospect for you. Of course creating great content and pics etc. is important. I will give you feed back on one other thing that you stated, which is what the other social media marketing experts in my community keep saying; Post Post Post. That is pretty vague. If you are talking about the amount that Tor posts, that is perfect. His are cute, inspiring, funny… even though I don’t live in the area where I can take his classes I always look forward to his posts. However, since I have been posting, some of these networking people post 3 or more a day! They take up my whole newsfeed page and I just have to hide them; they over-post and they are annoying. Two of the people I hide are the so called “Social Media Experts.”

    I hope this doesn’t sound like just a rant. I am giving you my opinion and experience which of course is different for everyone. I really can’t give this kind of honest feed back to the networking community up here. I live in Oxnard/Ventura and it’s a tight networking community.

    If you are guiding Tor in his marketing, my hat’s off to you. I’ve actually been taking from what Tor does and applying it to my marketing strategy. So Thanks!

    Peace and Blessings,

    June Scharff

    1. Hey June,

      Thanks for reading! I have to say I totally agree with you – likes for the sake of likes are not that great. In my opinion, having less likes with people who are more engaged is better than having lots of empty likes from people who will never see your content. However, that being said, one thing that having lots of likes does help is with exposure. When someone likes your page, people will see that and could check it out, too. When you pay for ads you can do it in several ways, and one of those is to advertise to friends of people who like your page. When I see someone I trust likes a page on Facebook, I might be more apt to check it out for myself.

      Another thing here – anyone who says they are a social media expert is … full of it. You can never be “an expert” in something that is so constantly changing and evolving. And Facebook and Google+ definitely are not affiliated – they are competitors, in a sense :)

      Post, post, post, yes is vague, but the amount of content you produce should be relative to the amount of fans you reach and interact with. For example, for a small business, once a day should be sufficient. For larger companies, once to three times a day could be good, depending on the amount of traction you are getting. Flooding people’s news feeds is annoying, and you run the risk of someone hiding your updates! It sounds like you’ve hit the nail on the head, June!

      Tor does an amazing job on his social media – while I answered this question for him, he has been doing his updates on his own! He’s definitely found a niche in posting inspirational, fun and cute content that makes us look forward to more and take his classes when we can! I think his book is a great one to take a page out of :) If you ever have a question for a Free Tip Friday, let me know! You seem really insightful and I’d love to hash some more stuff out with you about your strategy!



      1. Thank you for your response Alison. I just have one question though, I think I am missing something… When someone likes my page others see it and may check out your page? So if I like a page, is it posted on the newsfeed of all my friends that I liked someone? I think I only get a notification if someone liked a comment or post of mine.

        Please let me know.



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