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Howdy, y’all! It’s Friday so you know what that means: FREE TIPS! This week, we’re answering a question from Dolores and Randy over at PAWSitive Pet Sitting N Dog Walking, who want to know some tips for making the best videos to use as part of their marketing.

The first rule of video (in my opinion) it KISS. For those of you who don’t know, KISS, as I learned in high school, means KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID. In this case, I think we’ll just go with KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE (much nicer). Long, complicated videos are less likely to hold someone’s attention in our fast paced society. My recommendation is to keep your videos about a minute to a minute and a half long. Anything longer than 1:30 makes it seem like it’s the longest video on the planet, and your potential customers have more chance of falling off and not making it to the end.

Speaking of the end – make sure you end it on a good note. Include a “card” – basically, a screen with text on it – with all of your contact information. List the most important things first, since again, short attention spans may only look at one piece of information. If most of your clients reach you by phone, use your phone number. If they should come look at your website first, list your website first.

You’ll also want to include the contact information in your video description. For example, Randy and Dolores may want to type out something like “PAWSitive Pet Sitting N Dog Walking with the clients – three adorable kittens! See below for our contact info.” Enter a space or two down, and list your website, phone, Facebook – anywhere you want to lead the viewer. Again, keep it short and simple, but feel free to also include some text about what it is that you do.

Lastly, the content of your video is so important! I always talk so much about content here, and for good reason. If you’re making a ton of videos and pushing them out but the content isn’t great, you won’t get subscribers, or single viewers, and you are missing out on chances to convert those viewers into customers. Using programs like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker is good if you know how to use them well, but experiment with how to best utilize them. If you know a more advanced video editing program, or have someone who does, you can learn on those as well. But for a smaller playing field, the Mac or Windows editing programs should suit your needs just fine! Try to stay away from the built-in animations that come with the programs. Most people will look at it and know exactly where it came from – and we want them to view your video as unique and worthwhile! Straight cuts from one image to another will be the most polished.

If you live in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, I highly recommend checking in with PAWSitive Pet Sitting N Dog Walking when you go out of town! They’ll come by and play with your pets, feed them, exercise them and most importably – LOVE them. If that’s not full service, I don’t know what is!! Visit them on Facebook to get in touch or to check out cute animal pictures and pet-owner tips! Here’s Randy, walking some of his “clients” below… cute!

Randy of PAWSitive Pet Sitting

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