What Your Facebook Friends Know About Your Likes

Happy Friday! Today, our question comes from June Scharff who runs a Pilates Studio. June had a question after reading a previous post, so I thought I would answer it here for Free Tip Friday in case anyone else was wondering, too. June asked:

If I like a page, is it posted on the newsfeed of all my friends that I liked someone? I think I only get a notification if someone liked a comment or post of mine.

It’s a great question about what happens when we like a page on Facebook. Sometimes the best answer comes from the horse’s mouth, so direct from Facebook, here is the answer:

“When you click Like on a Facebook Page, in an advertisement, or on content off of Facebook, you are making a connection. A story about your like will appear on your Timeline and may also appear in your News Feed. You may be displayed on the Page you connected to, in advertisements about that Page or in social plugins next to the content you like. You may see updates to in your feeds and the feeds of your friends from Pages you like. You may also receive messages. Your connection to the page may also be shared with apps on the Facebook Platform.”

So, essentially, to answer your question, yes. Not necessarily always, but sometimes that type of activity may show up in a Newsfeed of someone you are friends with. You’ll sometimes notice things like Suggested Pages – “your friend Jessica likes Diet Coke.” Your photo and name could be used in those posts! However, your friends shouldn’t get a notification specifically about you liking a page! 

Page Likes

I hope that helps – it’s kind of a short answer to a longer question of what people see when we interact with pages and people on Facebook, and also a reminder to be conscious of the things you are doing on Facebook! You could end up in someone’s newsfeed :)

You can check June out at her website or on Facebook. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her in real life yet, but I’ve heard that the reformer is a hardcore workout!! (Get it? hardcore… hard core… see what I did there? #pilatesjokes)

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