Get Creative to Get Better Content

We all know it’s important to think outside the box – that’s nothing new. But some businesses have a new way of GETTING outside the box – including getting outside the office!

I recently read an article from AdWeek talking about an ad agency from South Africa that sets up an outside office once a month to take in the surroundings, connect with real people (and potential clients!) on the street. It’s a really interesting way to conduct business, and of course, since they are a four person collective (rather than an office of 500 employees), it’s easier for them to set up shop outside and hang.

Switching things up allows you to expand your mind and that allows us to get out of creative ruts. It’s hard to create lots of amazing content consistently – but with all the STUFF out there on the internet, we have to be at the top of our game, always. Our content has to be amazing, or else nobody will notice it!

While taking it to the streets isn’t possible for all of us, there are definitely lessons to be learned here. If you need a super brainstorm, go outside. Take a walk. Allow your mind to work in different ways. Here are some tips for brainstorming, getting creative and ultimately, helping you come up with amazing content.

  • Go outside. Walk. Breathe the air. Think to yourself, or bring a friend or mp3 player. Take in your surroundings and see what inspires you.
  • Hash it out! Sometimes bouncing ideas off of people is the most valuable tool you have. They can tell you if your idea rocks or if it’s awkward, and maybe share some ideas of their own.
  • Listen to music. All sorts of music! Classical, rock, hip hop. Let the words and sounds flow in and out of you – you may just start to feel inspired.
  • Write stuff down. Doodle. Color, sketch – hell, even rip some paper up. You never know what will end up coming out of the tip of your pen. Sometimes seeing a half-baked idea on paper can help you make it into something more concrete.
  • DANCE. Move. Jump. Run. Workout. Make your limbs do crazy shaking wiggly things. Who cares? Nobody can see you. Rock on. Loosen your body, loosen your mind!

What do you do to get those creative juices flowing? I’d love for you to share your ideas, too! If you want to check out Studio Shelf, the agency that inspired this post, you can read about them holding public office, and check out their website.

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