Google+ Does Make a Difference

I remember back when Google+ launched. The feeling of anticipation and excitement, being “allowed” into it, eagerly awaiting The Next Big Thing.

And then, it wasn’t.

I remember a friend saying, “It feels like a club that you’ve  waited in line for and gotten into, only nobody is there yet.” Basically, that.

But now it’s being hotly debated. Google+ is picking up steam. There are people who say it absolutely matters, and people who say it absolutely doesn’t. There are so many sources with varying information, research that contradicts, and opinions (oh, the opinions!).

Is having a Google+ page important? Does being on Google+ make a difference? In my opinion, it DOES make a difference.

I recently read this post from Mashable detailing exactly why you may want to consider having a G+ presence.  With new changes coming from Google, your content will now be available not only to people in your circles, but people who search for your keywords and hashtags. It will show up on the right sidebar, which is a great spot to be.

As I always say, “play nice with Google.” If Google releases a product, why WOULDN’T your excellent use of the product contribute to increased SEO and keyword rank?

My advice: get in and get your feet wet. Even though Google+ is relatively new, there are people producing great content and you can learn a thing or two from them. Find some people who share information that is relevant to you and what you do. I’ve learned a lot from following #socialmedia hashtags on Google+.

If you want help setting up a Google+ page for your brand, drop me a line! In the meantime, you can check out Dog Breath Branding on Google+ and add me to your circles. I’ll add you back to mine and you can stay up to date with the things I’m posting and catch deals and updates!

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