How Do I Start Blogging?

Something that I have always struggled with in creating blogs and website is figuring out the best way to start. Some part of me feels like you need an introduction post. After all, how will people know what you plan to do? But since struggling with “I really hope you end up liking what I intend to blog about,” my thoughts have evolved: I just start.

Just start.

What? Crazy! How could you JUST START?

You just have to! The reason I say this is because it shows you know what you’re talking about. If you JUST START, you will be building a foundation on knowledgeable, informative and helpful content, instead of a foundation of sandy dreams. What do you intend to blog about? Instead of letting everyone know you’re planning to blog about baking, start baking. Blog your recipes. Take photos of the cupcakes. Talk about what went right and what could have gone better. Just start.

Now when people visit your site, they’ll see someone who loves to bake. Someone who they can get recipes from. What they won’t see is a wishy-washy post saying “I can’t wait to start blogging about baking!” There is no draw there, no incentive to come back. If you JUST START, there will be.

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