How to Drive Clicks and Views with Amazing Content

Ok, I’ll just say what’s on everyone’s mind. This video is the most EPIC. way to quit a job.

Even if you truly love your job, a part of all of us wants this, right? Absolute freedom to be your own boss, to dance around on the desks of our day jobs and quit in the most buzz-worthy style. Then again, there’s the other side of the argument: can you ever quit a job like this and be hired in good faith? Who will want to hire a girl who would quit her job like that?

My theory? She probably quit in a fully respectful way. She says her company is awesome and she never slams them or names her boss. In fact, she’s demonstrated her commitment to her values, her belief in delivering good content and the effect that will have on the amount of people who can consume that content. Plus, I heard she already got an amazing offer – so she obviously did something right!!

This video is fun, plain and simple. It’s joyous, it’s a release. Who doesn’t want to feel this free? While some of us don’t have the options of firing our bosses and working for ourselves, I do fully believe in doing what makes you happy outside of your job.

Here’s to those of us working for whatever it is we love. Whether you are your own boss or you’re holding it down with two jobs – the day job, and the “me” job – I hope you’re doing what makes you happy, and I hope you’re doing it in fine style! When we produce amazing content and follow our passions, the views, clicks (and yes, money) will follow. Do what you love and do it well.

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