Intriguing #GoInSix Campaign from Visa

Have y’all seen the #GoInSix campaign from Visa? It’s really cool, although at first glance I had no idea what it was or why it was coming from Visa. (Upon further inspection, all of the info was right there in their “about” section!)

Essentially, the #GoInSix campaign is meant to show things in life we enjoy, and to share and absorb the warm fuzzy feelings in 6 words exactly. Maybe taking a cue from 6 second Vine videos that are insanely popular? Anyway, there’s a lot to be said for brevity. The image that originally caught my attention (I am ashamed to admit) was this one:

Visa GoInSix candy corn

I love candy corn. Ok! So sue me. That being said, I know it’s a hotly debated subject this time of year. So I saw it, and wanted to know what #GoInSix referred to. According to their “about” section on Facebook: “There are a billion stories out there waiting to be made. Let’s go make them together. It doesn’t take much to get inspired. Six words, photos or seconds—that’s all you need.” I love the images they are using, the simplicity of the text and hashtag, and of course, they really got my curiosity revved up! Note the subtle brand placement – the image can resonate with people who may or may not be customers of Visa, but the branding is still there so that people who aren’t fans (like me) could visit their page and become fans (like I did).

That’s what it’s all about when we create campaigns. Reaching people, striking a chord with them, getting them to discuss and discover. For this specific campaign, fitting so much feeling into 6 words is hard. But I have a few I thought up for myself (this was a fun exercise in thinking outside the box! I think it helped that I went on a walk at lunch.)

Dog Breath: social working for you.

Because curiosity didn’t kill the dog.

Life is loving, eating and dancing.

Filling your brain up with social.

As you can see I used the “curiosity” one for this post… and I love it! I’ll probably use it again in the future. Bonus points if you notice it again.

What would your six words be? Check out the #GoInSix campaign on Visa’s facebook. There’s a lot we can learn from Visa’s social media marketing! Their #MyFootballFantasy campaign is great too – and you’ll notice they all seem to be expressed in 6 words as well. Genius.

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