Netflix Comes to the West Coast’s Rescue

Recently, I read something awesome: Netflix doesn’t want Twitter to spoil Breaking Bad for you.

Netflix has a new service to prevent people in different time zones from seeing spoiler alerts for Breaking Bad on Twitter. If you’re a resident of the west coast like I currently am, you have no doubt run into this problem with one show or another. Your friends on the east coast take social media by storm and they tweet, send status updates, and ruin everything from the show that still won’t air for two hours by the time they are done. Not cool.

But this changes everything! Spoiler Foiler was created by Netflix to redact anything on Twitter that looks like it could contain a spoiler alert for Breaking Bad. There isn’t information available yet as to what keywords they are blocking, but we can assume anything like Walt, Heisenberg, meth, and of course, Breaking Bad would be blocked.

I for one, think it’s a genius idea!! Cute, for sure, and fun for us Left Coasters to feel safe on social when everyone out there is live tweeting tv. Some people say you could just stay off Twitter for a few hours – but, let’s be honest – sometimes it’s not that easy!

I’ll be interested to see how the service catches on and if they will adopt it for other shows in the future. It would be great if they had an option where you could select the shows you are into to foil. Mainly, though, this technology shows the importance of keywords! :)

Happy viewing, everybody.

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