Work With Me

If you need someone to help kick your venture up a notch, let’s talk about your needs and wants. My goal is to help you get your shit together to make your product, brand, or even yourself the best it can be. Whether it’s marketing yourself for a job interview, or marketing your business to consumers, here are some of the services I offer:

Copywriting: Finding the right words can be hard. If you’re not sure what to say, or how to say it, I’ll help you harness the right words to spread your message  in the tone of your brand. You’ll be represented just as you want to be, and you’ll never have to struggle with writer’s block.

Resume Rehab: If you’re on the hunt for the perfect position, you’ll need to make sure your resume stands out, for the right reasons. As an experienced writer, designer, and hiring manager, I’ll help you harness the potential your resume has so you’ve got a better chance at the big job.

Social media marketing: I will help you select the platforms that are right for you, help build profiles from scratch or elevate them from where they are now. I’ll help you target your audience, and tailor posts that will work across each network. I will help you find what works, and execute it.

Branding: What is your business? How do you define it? Who are your target customers? What is your message, your “voice”? If you can’t fully answer these questions, I’ll help you figure out how to do that. Branding is the essence of what your business is – and without the best branding, you can’t do your best business.


Need something else? Just ask. If I’m not the right person for the job, I’ll try to help you find the person who is.

Whaddaya want?