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Why Bootstrapping Can Be a Blessing

Ever heard the phrase “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps”? It’s a pretty well-known idiom in the English language. It means doing something yourself, maybe the hard way, and making sure that shit gets done no matter how much money or time you have. So why is it that “bootstrapping” can be discouraged or frowned upon?

I am here to tell you to forget whatever haters say. Sometimes you’ve got to know how to do things for yourself. And sometimes you have no choice but to learn it through trial and error yourself. There’s something that is really special about going through the ups and downs of DIY-business. Learning what kinds of posts your audience reacts better to. Making a mistake and learning how to avoid doing it on an even grander scale in the future. Getting a feel and an intuition about how best to serve your customers. Don’t you feel tingly just thinking about all the kick ass stuff you can do when you set your mind to it and just get down to the business of bootstrapping?

See what I mean?

Boostrapping can be hard. If you are not sure what you’re doing, you’re bound to make mistakes. At the same time, you’re also bound to end up with some priceless insight you wouldn’t have if you hired a contractor or consultant. What’s the best risk/reward position you can put yourself in? A position where you are learning the best practices, getting actual hands-on knowledge, and not having to rough it yourself and screwing up a whole bunch of stuff along the way. (Not to say that it will be perfect every time – after all, we are only human and not robots. And thank god for that!)

Read and subscribe to blogs you like. Sign up for free classes or webinars taught by experts in your areas of interest. One thing I’ve loved doing are classes on, which is a paid subscription but worth it if you want to invest in yourself and your professional development. And if any of that sounds good to you, you might want to check out some of the stuff I can help you with, too. I want to give you the tools you need to DIY and DAGJ (do a great job. I’m working on the acronyms, okay?). As long as you want to give yourself the knowledge and the tools to succeed, you’re already on the path to bootstrapping enlightenment.

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