You know it's bad when the introverts start marching.

Why I’m Marching

I shared this post on my facebook page, and I wanted to share it here, too. I hope this can answer the question so many people seem to have (for whatever reason): “What were they even marching for?” Here’s why I went out with my daughter:

We are marching in Los Angeles tomorrow. I’m sure many of the Trump supporters in my feed won’t understand why, or might misunderstand the intention. If you want to know why we are gathering, here are my own personal reasons for joining:

It’s not to “protest” Trump. I do firmly believe he is unqualified and dangerous because of the behavior he has displayed for months on end. This is not about Republican vs. Democrat. A different Republican POTUS would have been disappointing to me, but not necessarily scary. That being said, Trump has been elected through an imperfect system and now is in charge of leading a broken country for the next four years. So I will march tomorrow to show that I expect him to do his job: represent “we the people.”

It’s said that in business you have to ask for what you’re worth. Well, since Trump is a business man, here it is: We are worth equal rights. We are worth healthy bodies. We are worth love. We are worth protection from discrimination, pollution, and harassment.

We expect that everyone’s right to religious freedom means they can make decisions that align with their faith for themselves while not imposing those decisions on others. We expect that our elected officials will not enact legislation that is harmful to our wellbeing. We expect decency. We expect to work to help advance our country and our society. We want progression, not regression.

I am a woman, and I’m married to an American citizen who immigrated here with a wonderful, hardworking family. We have a daughter who has a crazy, beautiful future to look forward to. (And speaking of that, thanks to insurance, our $26,000 hospital bill does not have to be paid out of pocket. This allows us to begin to providing for her future instead of being buried beneath a mountain of debt.) We expect that she will be able to grow and advance through life with all the opportunities she deserves, with hard work and determination to make success happen for herself.

We do not expect handouts. We do not expect trophies. We do not want to take your guns. All we want is what is an equal shot for everyone mixed up in this glorious, sticky Melting Pot. We will peacefully walk through the city we live in to show, with respect, what we expect.

We are so privileged and lucky to be able to do this. I am proud to walk tomorrow with men and women from all over the city, country, and world to make a show for the things that matter to us. So if you’re wondering what that bunch of “libtards” are up to tomorrow, that’s the long (very long!) and short of it for me. Thanks for reading it all.

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